31 Amazing Celebrities Weight Loss Transformation



June Shannon

Source: Getty Images, Twitter


Famously known as Mama June from TLC’s hit train wreck show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” June Shannon Recently took to twitter to show off her new found 100lbs lighter figure. Having her first daughter at 15 she struggled to shake the baby weight for nearly a decade. After becoming a grand mother at the age of 33 she knew she had to lose weight to keep up with her grand children, which has also helped do wonders for her health as she has been battling with diabetes for years.

What was her secret for losing a whopping 100 lbs you ask? Without too much effort she claimed “I haven’t been drinking as much soda – just water and stuff. We’ve been eating a lot of chicken and baked foods. I also snack on grapes and cheese cubes throughout the day”. We can assume she may of finally give up on huge plates of “sketti” which is comprised mainly of white spaghetti noodles, ketchup and heaping piles of butter. However, the weight loss hasn’t been all good news for June. She claims that Sugar Bear is not a fan of her new slim body “He likes bigger girls. He is kind of a chubby chaser!” she said.