The shady side of Kaley Cuoco you don’t know about

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She may come off as America’s bubbly sweetheart on The Big Bang Theory (2007-), but Kaley Cuoco’s real life is rife with turmoil and shady decisions. From rocky relationships to misguided publicity stunts, this talented leading lady has a knack for stirring up trouble.

She erased her ex-husband instantaneously

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If you take a gander at Cuoco’s Instagram account, you won’t find any photos of her ex-husband, tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Okay, we get it. Who wants a lasting reminder of love lost on the internet? The harsh part of this move was its scope and efficiency. Cuoco deleted any and all traces of Sweeting the day before they announced their divorce in September 2015, according to Us Weekly. She also unfollowed him and removed any mention of him from her Instagram bio.
For his part, Sweeting eventually followed suit. As their nearly 21-month-marriage fell apart, the former tennis player deactivated his Facebook profile and deleted all the photos on his Instagram account. Ghosting from the internet itself? No matter whose team you’re on, that’s a little extreme.
Cuoco has since resumed social media PDA, plastering her platforms with lovey dovey photos of new beau, professional equestrian Karl Cook.


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