Donald Trump’s most outrageous lies



Whether it’s a local election or a presidential campaign, all politicians tend to exaggerate the truth a little bit. And yet, there’s one politician who, during his run for office, has distinguished himself for his incredible ability to make stuff up.

We’re talking about the man himself. Donald Trump, aka The Donald. In little over a year, the Republican presidential nominee has managed to turn lying into an art form.

In honor of this incredible achievement, we take a look at ten of his most outrageous claims.


  • Mark

    Hilariously stupid article. Take point number 10 noting that Trump’s best-seller “The Art of the Deal” only sold 177,000 copies since 2001. Hey, brainiacs, the book was written in 1987 and sold an estimated 1.1 million copies. That a decades old book sold that many copies since 2001 is amazing. Trump 2016! Keep showing us how stupid you are, libtards!

  • I support trump I’m sorry

  • Nasar

    I’m sorry

  • Sorry