Best Movies To Look Forward To In 2017 | Trailer.

The Great Wall

 February 17


Zhang Yimou’s sprawling historical fantasy epic The Great Wall has been hit with early backlash over its casting of Matt Damon as the star of what’s otherwise an eastern narrative. But the film has an intriguing (albeit a little ridiculous) idea: The Great Wall of China was built to keep out more than just unwanted human neighbors.

The story was created in part by World War Z novelist Max Brooks, whose book segments about China’s part in the zombie apocalypse were criminally underserved in the cinematic “adaptation” of his story, so this could be a point of serious creative redemption. Plus, the promotional materials have shown some ambitious special effects and stunts, and Bourne hero Damon’s had some strong action successes in the past. From everything we’ve seen so far, The Great Wall will at least be a spectacular showcase of effects-heavy cinematography.