A Look Inside The Lavish Life Of Barron Trump

He’s A “Natural Athlete”

Donald has been quoted as calling Barron a “natural athlete,” and said he plays tennis, golf, and enjoys baseball. It’s no surprise as his father owns several golf courses himself.

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  • Sheila Cota

    Even though I don’t care for Trump, I have to give them credit, they are definitely good parents, and Mealnia seems to be an excellent mother.

  • AoPS

    I read your articles hoping to learn something of value. What a disappointment. You guys are Low Low Low. Big pack of liars. Really struggling for content, eh???
    First you bash the president as racist, etc without stating evidence, as usual. The best you can come up with is the immigration freeze, which was Obama’s plan. Check it out for yourself! Written and implemented by Obama in ’11, ’13, ’15. Why aren’t you calling him racist? Bill and Hill called for stricter border controls. Where were your accusations of racism then??? Oh… I get it, didn’t fit your narrative at the time. Hmm…
    Then you attack a 10 yr old kid. I guess you hope your readers have a lower IQ than the out of touch celebs you idolize.
    Lib version of “Peace and tolerance.” I finally realized the libs are rioting because they’re projecting all the hate inside them.
    So much for “Love Trumps Hate.” Someone actually asked me if that was a pro-Trump bumper sticker because the left has proven to be so violent; major media included.
    You guys are just plain hypocritical.