24 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos



Here is a perfectly captured photo of not only this man being a hero and saving this young boy from a life with an eye patch. It is also a great life lesson for anyone sitting close to the batter’s box at a baseball game. Playing on your phone during dinner is one thing but when you are in an area where line drive foul balls are likely then maybe keep your head up and alert during game play!


  • Project Freedom

    As a professional photographer with over twenty years of experience, I can easily see that the photo of the football player “kicking the other one in the face” is actually just an illusion. The kicker is closer to the camera than the player who he is supposedly kicking. If you examine the photo closely, you can see that his shoe is slightly past the player’s head, which (due to physics, LOL) is completely impossible. It’s a cool photo though!

  • Kari Birch

    Perfectly timed? So what’s with the photo-shopped ones? Some were good, but they should have reduced the number to 10!
    The write ups were really lame.